‘A Lifetime’ Accordion Book

[project brief:]
Use the themes of space, time or movement to create an accordion book.

[my take:]
By choosing time as my theme I was able to utilize the construction of the accordion book to flow from page to page just as time flows unheedingly. “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost is laid out within the book a a number of different intervals to show how we experience time in our lives. When we are children life is not as busy or stressful and time feels like a normal pacing, but as we get older and take on more resposibilties life becomes hectic and irrationably quick. The background plays this same part and is built of experiences and tasks we do during the days of our lives according to what age we are. There is a time ticker below throughout to show that time is as steady as ever, it is just our experiences that quicken our perceiving of it.

*more interior pages to come